Halloween Fun

I just thought I'd share a bit of our Halloween fun.  Robbie was invited to a party at the lake by a new friend from soccer and scouts (family welcome, too).  It was really fun, since Tyler got to go (as well as my mother-in-law, who was visiting for the day).  The kids (and adults) had so much fun.. good food, campfire, hayrides, games and good people.

Tyler (in the skull mask) and Robbie had fun at Robbie's friend's Halloween party at the lake.

We went trick-or-treating with family and friends on Halloween night.  The forecast called for rain (and it WAS dreary), but we managed to stay dry.  We finished off the night with fun, games and food at a local trunk-or-treat.
Trick or Treat fun with friends and family.  Robbie went as Link, the hero of the Zelda games.

How was your Halloween (if you participate)?

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  1. Looks like you had a fun Halloween. Our weather was perfect, and we had 276 kids stopping by our house. Daughter was out for an hour and a half and made out like a bandit with all kinds of candy and treats.


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