About The RockerFamily

Welcome to our school and family blog! We are a family of four, even though you will usually see only three of us, who have homeschooled the preschool years and are embarking on our elementary homeschool journey. We live in a gorgeous valley in the Southeastern United States.

My name is Jennifer, but I've been known as The RockerMom online for years, now. Before I was a mother, I played bass guitar. I went on "maternity leave" when I found out I was pregnant and have yet to return. I'm simply having way more fun being a Mommy than I ever had on stage... and that's saying a lot.

I've been the proud wife of The RockerDad since November 2005. He is kind, funny, loving, hard-working and supportive.

The RockerBoys (Tyler, 13 and Robert, 7) are the greatest gift RockerDad has ever given me. Tyler (who lives with his Mom) was a wedding gift and Robert came about in the traditional manner. Robert is the main focus of this blog, but Tyler makes appearances, too.

I've known that I'd prefer to homeschool my children since I started college. I saw many students who did well in high school struggle with basic writing and math. It was then that I thought, "I don't want my kids to go through this." Fortunately, I married a man who feels the same way about our child's education. We knew that, as homeschooling parents, we could provide him with the education that the system could not.

Things are not perfect or easy. They never will be. We are a single-income working-class family, so our budget is extremely tight. We always seem to find a way to make things work, though.

This blog's main purpose is for us to chronicle our homeschool life, but if it can help, inspire, touch or encourage someone else.... even better!!

For even more about our views on homeschooling, check out this post... Our Reasons and Goals for Homeschooling.