Printable Ten Frame Cards

This week, Robbie started learning how to "make a ten" when adding for sums over ten. I made these Ten Frame Cards so that he could have a fun way to practice.

I used four symbols that I thought Robbie would enjoy (alien heads, yin-yangs, hearts and lightening bolts). The numbers 1-10 are represented in two different ways for each "suit" of cards.
One set fills up a row of 5 in the ten frame before starting the next row; while the other goes back and forth between the rows, creating an odd-even pattern. I did not include cards to represent zero. 

I printed ours onto colored card stock for variety and durability. I'd laminate them if I had more children and needed to save the cards for them (also, if I had a laminator... lol).

Here is a pic of Robbie during a game of addition "war". We each a stack of cards and would pull off the top two and flip them face-up. We then add our two ten-frames and the player with the higher sum wins the round (and ,subsequently, all four cards). We kept our winning rounds beside us tallied them when all the cards had been played. (Note his homemade Donkey Kong tie... he wore this and anytime we both had the same number of rounds stacked beside us, he'd laugh heartily and point to his chest and yell "TIE!!!". That boy cracks me up.) 

Robbie really enjoyed playing with these cards and was easily naming sums by the end of the first game. This makes me a very happy Mommy, since it's important to me that he not simply memorize the fact that 8+5=13, but that he understands why. He is now instinctively taking 2 from 5 to make the 8 into a 10. He knows that 10+3=13. He first did this with manipulatives (the base ten blocks did NOT work for him in this instance, so we went with ten frames). 

I love that he (usually) thinks that math is fun.

If you'd like your own set of these Ten Frame Cards, simply click the image above to download the PDF File (or click here).

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  1. Another way to use these cards is to glue two of them back to back (such as 1, 9 or 4,6) to make sums of ten. My son learned his addition facts with sums to ten using this strategy. It was a fun game to look at the 10-frame and guess how many more were needed to get to 10.
    Then he'd flip to check his answer. He got very fluent with this game.
    Thanks for sharing your file!

  2. We're working on 10 frames now, so this was perfect timing! I found your site on the Top Homeschooling Mom's web site. Thanks for the printable!

  3. April, I love that idea! Self-correcting games and activities are wonderful.

  4. These are so creative! Thanks for sharing at Math Monday!

  5. If you don't have a laminator, just you page protector sheets:) you can then also do sets with the written number... I still do this in my ten frame just to help them organize their numbers... But you can trace with dry erase and I do front with numbers/back without ... Then friends that are more advance can practice writing on their own. Often in kinder we can count but we can't make the connection of the written language! I love ten frames! Thanks for the pocket size, this would be great for centers!

  6. Use* page protecters:) haha it's getting late!!

  7. sticky back plastic that's used for covering shelves works well to. I get it by the roll at our dollar store (pound store). Thanks for the file!


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