First Grade: Everything But School

I seem to have a recently-acquired aversion to taking photos during school time.  You'll just have to trust me, we're still plugging along and will be back in the swing of the normal routine as soon as possible.

What's Robbie reading?

In addition to his normal schoolwork, we are using the requirements for Cub Scout Belt Loops, Pins and Tiger Electives to enhance his first grade experience.  I've found these to be great points to expand upon.  (Plus, he loves knowing that he'll be awarded at the next pack meeting.)

An easy Tiger Cub Scout elective:  Making a Snack (Columbus Day Ship Snack)

Speaking of.. he is LOVING Cub Scouts.  He received his first belt loops (swimming, fishing, kickball and soccer) at his pack meeting.  That was nothing compared to the fun of the ceremonial face paint and other traditions involved in receiving his Bobcat rank.  He couldn't stop talking about it!!

Receiving his first four belt loops and his Bobcat rank. 

Here are some snippets from other parts of his learning through everyday life...

My mother and I took Robbie to a local apple farm.  The have a lovely general store and the pies and such in their restaurant are too good to resist.  Robbie enjoyed a "Spectacular Charlie" (chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top, covered in both caramel and hot fudge and topped with whipped cream and a cherry).

Visiting the local Apple Orchard's General Store and sampling the goods.

One day, RockerDad and Robbie were nowhere to be found.  I finally located them at the back of my parents' property in my father's workshop.  RockerDad was putting the finishing touches on a wooden sword for Robbie.  It's his new favorite (outdoor) toy.  A close second is my mother's dogwood tree.

Outdoor Fun

Well, I know it's not the most academic of homeschool blog posts, but I'm afraid it's all I have.  (In other news, we now have paint on the walls in our soon-to-be home.  I need to stain and poly the floors and work on the kitchen, but I'm still hoping to be in there in a month or so.)

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  1. How fun for Robbie to have all these experiences - much better than sitting all day cooped up in the classroom :)

    1. LOL, we are doing seatwork, but I am too preoccupied to bother with photos. I'll try to do better. ;)

  2. I sometimes have the problem that they don't want their work photographed, too. Looks like a great, fun week.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty sure that Robbie is completely sick of being photographed. :)

  3. That pumpkin picture is something else.
    Blessings, Dawn


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