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The Week(s) of World War Three

Ahh.. the joys of having children!!  
I have a bit of catching up to do, so this post covers a few weeks.  As you can see from the lines that RockerDad set Robbie (above), we have been facing some discipline issues.  Things are progressing (albeit at a snail's pace) on that front, however, so let's move on to the educational bits.

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Night of the Scientist

Robbie watched Bill Nye's Do It Yourself Science on youtube the other evening and got inspired to investigate.  These are not all of the experiments he conducted, but they are the ones I where I managed to snap a photo.

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My Boys... (just having a Mama moment)

We simply don't get to spend enough time with Tyler, but when he's here, it's always a blast!  Robbie wants to be just like his big brother and Tyler has always been so encouraging and patient with him.  I can't tell you how proud I am of my boys.

I thought I'd share some pics from Tyler's last visit...  

Robbie and Tyler enjoying a backyard game of basketball.

He's growing up way too fast...  

It's hard to see, but he's jumping rope with a honeysuckle vine.... look at the air he got!

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The Week of the Time Warrior

  Finding Balance in our Days  

This was a week of changes for us.  No, we didn't move, again (thank goodness!!).  We simply tried out an actual daily schedule.. you know, with times and all that.  ;)  We weren't total sticklers, but having it as a guide really helped us with our time management skills.

Actually, this schedule worked brilliantly!  I might post more about it once we've had a bit more time with it under our belts.

Okay... enough of my yakking... on to the actual post!

Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling

Our Language Arts works its way across our curriculum.  

It seems to be difficult to snap photos of most of Robbie's language arts work.  It occurred to me that I actually DO get pics most weeks, but they're cross-curricular.  He does reading, copywork, narrations and even handwriting as part of his history and science.  Spelling naturally carries over to every written subject, as well.

Of course, he still does actual work from his language arts books... I just rarely seem to have photo proof.



The many faces of math  

We covered so many topics this week in math (through Singapore, with our skip counting and simply during Robbie's "free math" explorations).  The image above shows a small sampling.  Right now, I'm simply trying to gently build his stamina.  His mind is ready for so much more than we're doing, but he simply needs to be able to write a bit more without whining.

History and Geography

We began our study of Ancient Egypt with some reading and fun, hands-on activities.

Sugar cookie mapping was a big success!!  (Robbie ate his too quickly.. the completed photo is of mine.)

Robbie's double crown of Ancient Egypt was a long and messy project, but we both enjoyed it.  

We still have a few weeks of Ancient Egypt, so I hope to put together a post of all of it when we're through.



In his second week of mollusk study, he learned about cephalopods.  I found a short octopus reading comprehension sheet online (can't remember where.. if I do, I'll post the link).  He did his vocabulary/copywork sheet, ate some octopus hot dogs and read some books.

The whole family learned new things.. an octopus truly is amazing!


Greek and Latin

... kappa, lambda, mu ...

Greek handwriting, games and making flash cards...  

Art and Music

We all enjoyed using our watercolor tubes for the first time!!

As a family, we really enjoyed the short artist study and art project we chose (Hendrick Avercamp) from our Usborne Art Treasury book.

Extracurriculars, Playtime, Family... etc...

Basketball:  I never knew that 1st and 2nd graders could be such fierce competitors...

Robbie did much better at his second basketball game.  He actually played!!  This enabled me to pay attention to the game as a whole... and I was shocked by how good most of the players were.  It was a very good game!

So.... what have you been up to this week?

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Looking Back: Valentine's Day for Tots and Pre-K

Valentine's Day is not a huge deal in our home, but we have enjoyed some fun learning activities over the years.  Here are some of our favorites!  (Most everything you'll see here is either a free printable or uses materials purchased at the Dollar Tree.  Also, the stages listed are general guidelines... feel free to play fast and loose with the age ranges.)

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The Day... erm... Week? of the Daleks

Ohhhh... the strange things you'll find in our school...  

This week saw a huge improvement in Robbie's attitude.  I don't really have a lot to say to set this up, so let's just dive in...

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