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We are now living in an area with a much smaller library than we had in IL. I think I was a bit spoiled up there. We had an amazing selection there. Anyway, here are a few of the books Robbie enjoyed this week:

"Birds" (Variety of Life Series)
Joy Richardson

This book is a bit more in-depth than the book below. It uses real photos of birds instead of illustrations. Robbie really loved the photos (and acting out the individual traits and/or facts).

"About Birds: A Guide for Children"
Cathryn Sill

This is a lovely book which we really enjoyed. It is beautifully illustrated with various kinds of birds. Very basic facts about birds are on every two-page spread.

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I always initiate a mini-narration from him when we're finished so that I know he understood the story and we discuss the story during and after reading it. Of course, we read more than these, but many have been listed before, will be blogged about at a later date or weren't worth a report.

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To see what others are reading to their children (and what some children are reading to their parents), please visit the links below:


  1. We studied birds earlier in the year. There are so many good nonfiction series about animals, aren't there? Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Both books sound very interesting - thanks for sharing them and joining WMCIR!

  3. We checked out the DK Eyewitness: Bird book last week. Very informative.

  4. Oh, I think my girls would love these! Thanks for the suggestions!


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