Texture, Size and Absorption

Science Corner

This week, we decided to try one of the magic grow items from the dollar store. This one was a starfish. This "experiment" helped RockerTot with observing, patience and was just plain fun.

Day 1:
RockerTot felt the texture (stiff and bumpy) and observed the size, color and shape of the starfish. He then placed the starfish into the large bowl of water.

Day 2:
RockerTot checked on his starfish. It was soggy, but still quite stiff and had grown quite a bit.

Day 3:
It's getting bigger, softer and a bit slimy.

Day 4:
It's huge, slimy, squishy and falling apart.

Here is a size comparison. I meant to trace the original, but I forgot. I did think to keep the plastic from the package for perspective, though.

We would have kept going with this project, but the poor starfish couldn't take any more torture. I had to give it a trash can burial after RockerTot fell asleep.


  1. I love how you made this into a great science lesson and that you used scientific and descriptive words to describe the starfish! (Rather than it is just growing) Great job! *Ü*

  2. We had fun with this a while back. They do get pretty slimy. C and R enjoyed charting the observations.

  3. I've heard that if you leave them out and let them dry back out, it shrinks back to the original size.

  4. Great site! My tot is 27 months old too and we love tot school. I like seeing what other moms do for ideas...thanks. Where did you get the scale??

  5. I just found your blog, and I absolutely love all of the great activities you do with your son! My son is 24 months, and we've been enjoying some Tot School activities as well, including a starfish like this one. Ours didn't grow nearly as much as yours did, and it seemed like it too forever.


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