Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Theme for our studies this week
We actually had one!!!! ..... BIRDS!!!

Here are links to materials we used for this:
Homeschool Creations Birds Preschool Pack
1+1+1=1 Birds Preschool Pack
The Curiosity Files - Blue-Footed Booby

Great books we read together
Our Current Read-Aloud post can be found here. It has a few of the books about birds we enjoyed this week.

Books and stories Robbie read to me
Big Ed's Bed
Where is Cat?
Sam the Seal
I Am
(He didn't read any new ones... sorry.)

One lesson or interesting fact we learned
... many, many facts about birds ...

As Mom/teacher, I found this week to be
... fun and surprising ...

A favorite hands-on project
... working on his Blue-Footed Booby mini lapbook (I'll be posting a review of what he used later this weekend) ...

We laughed when
... we lauged so much this week, I can't remember them all ...

I am praying for my child to
Continue to love learning and grow to be a self-confident, compassionate and tolerant man... but the man part doesn't need to rush itself.

Our Favorite extracurricular activity was...
... playing with "fuzzy", the caterpillar ...


I'll be linking this post to Preschool Corner, Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Mama Buzz.


  1. Birds seems to be a popular theme this spring. Sounds like you have had a great time with it. Do you see Robins where you are?

  2. Fun week!!

    We're sort of doing birds next week. LOL We're doing N is for nest.

    Just popping in from the wrap-up.

  3. We've been spending a lot of time observing birds visiting our feeders. Fun stuff! Are the readers Robbie uses part of a set? I'm searching for different phonic, easy readers for my youngest.


  4. Jessy,

    We use a variety of readers. We have Calvert Kindergarten readers, Bob Books, Hooked on Phonics Readers and many we find at our local library.

    I like to have him read lots of different books from many sets so that he isn't memorizing the books or the format of a series.

  5. Looks like a fun week. I should have done a bird theme. My kids have taken a sudden interest in birds because we found two nests at our house with eggs. They found books at the library to help them identify the kind of birds so I guess I'll just be happy about that for now.

  6. Great week. I love the picture of Robbie on his bike.

  7. Love these bird ideas!! Will have to do these with the girls. thanks for the info...and what's coming about the blue-footed booby bird.

    Have a great weekend


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