Dressing Up

When we went back to Tennessee for Christmas, we retrieved some of Robbie's toys from storage. I can, without a doubt, name his absolute favorite thing we brought back... his costumes.

He dresses up almost daily.

He may be Batman...

... a pirate ...

... a soldier ...

... or one of his other costume characters.

Of course, dress up time isn't limited to the costumes we have. He will mix and match items and pretend a piece is something different to achieve the character he is aiming for. (Just yesterday, a pirate hat became a "wizard's hat" when Robbie decided to play "Fantasia".)

For the past few weeks, he's been Luigi (from Super Mario Bros.). None of those items came from his dress up bin, though. A very good online friend sent him the overalls. When he opened the box, he immediately decided that he needed a green shirt (and grabbed one). I made him a Luigi hat out of construction paper yesterday during our Super Mario Fun. That made him really, really happy.

You can see how the Super Mario Bros. fun has been unfolding here.

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