Mario Math


Woohoo!! It's great to finally have a printer!

Well, as I've mentioned, we're having a Super Mario Bros. week here. I thought I'd start by sharing a few of our Mario Math Printables.

I created some counting and skip counting mazes and some counting cards. Robbie has been having a blast with the mazes already this morning. I'll probably have to use these types of things more often. (I'm glad I laminated them first or we'd be out of ink already.)

Mario Math

Simply click the image above to download the file.

The PDF file includes 3 number mazes (1-20, by 10's to 100 and by 5's to 100) and counting cards for numbers 1-20. Oh, and the counting by 10's is probably the most challenging one because it has numbers that won't be used. The other two mazes have only the numbers which will be used.

I grouped the Mario and Luigi figures on the counting cards as if they were AL Abacus* beads so that Robbie can simply recognize them without actually counting. We're working on recognizing 11-20 on the abacus right now and I thought this would add another fun way to practice. He'll also get practice writing the correct number on the line, but a child who is not yet writing could use these number cards.

I hope a few of you out there can enjoy these, too!!!

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*You can learn more about the AL Abacus at the RightStart Mathematics website.


  1. These look like so much fun! The mazes look like a blast! Glad you laminated them :-)

  2. These printables are great! Thank you so much for sharing :)


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