How to Make a Luigi (or Mario) Hat

... or, at least, how I did it on the fly.

Robbie has been pretending to be Luigi for weeks (hence the Mario Bros. themed week) and he's been (mostly) content to pretend that his Chicago Bears hat is Luigi's hat. He has told me several times that he needs a real Luigi hat.

I finally decided (a spur of the moment decision, I confess) to try to make one for him.

The only materials I used for this were two sheets of green construction paper, a scrap of white paper, scissors and a glue stick. Oh, and I traced the bottom of of a paint can (gallon) for the top of the hat.

I made a headband (of sorts) using two strips of construction paper. The one for the front curved upward in the middle to accommodate the "L" logo.

I then glued the circle I had traced from the paint can. I drew small rectangular "tabs" all around the outline and cut it all as one piece. I folded the tab up and glued the tabs to the inside of the headband. I'm not very creative and this seemed like a possible way of connecting the top to the band. Hey, it worked!

I also added a white circle and a green "L" to the front.

I added a bill to the front. I used the same "tab" method to attach the bill to the band. I'm still amazed that it worked.

Robbie waited as patiently as he possibly could for it to dry for a minute or two.

I got a shot of him playing Super Mario Bros. Wii as "Luigi" later that evening.

Now he wants a Mario hat.

(A Little Note: We really do limit his screen time. He just enjoys pretending to be anything he really likes.)


  1. My son having a Mario birthday been trying to figure out how to do the hats without spending tons of money and not do just visors.I think this may be my answer.Thanks

  2. I agree! I can't really sew and this is a great idea!

  3. Do you happen to have a template for the hat? I've neen trying for hours and mine looks nowhere as good as yours!

  4. I really wish I did. I was flying by the seat of my pants since we had no money to spend and plenty of construction paper.


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