The Faceless Ones

Second Grade Disappearing Act

Wow... it's really been a long time since my last post.  New year, or not, I don't think it would be wise (considering my track record) to say that I plan to post more regularly.  :)  I have been terrible at taking school photos this fall/winter, but I'll share a bit of what we've been up to school-wise.  This will mostly be images, since many of these photos are months old, now.

Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling

Second Grade Language Arts


Beast Academy, Saxon and Singapore Math

History and Geography

The Fall of Rome and the "Barbarians" (not a term I'm fond of)

Celts... and a battle axe

50 states study began with the U.S. and where we are.


Hands-On:  how centrifugal force of the spinning Earth can make the planet bulge near the equator.

Hands-On: Clay Earth & Axis Tilt  |  Notebooking: Layers of the Earth

Hornet's Nest (at Moo & Papa's house)  and a Praying Mantis (on our porch)

Greek and Latin

This is all I have... the Greek materials.  As you can see, he uses the worktext and I have my own notebook.

Art and Music

There has been more art (both spontaneous and planned) than I can mention in this post.  Unfortunately, I didn't take photos.  Robert has created several manga and other types of books over the past months.  He also likes to create his own 3-D paper... thingies.  LOL... I don't know what to call them.  ;)

Extracurriculars, Playtime, Family... etc...

Cub Scouts has been the main extracurricular activity... he's grown so much since last year.

Basketball season has started... sometimes he plays and sometimes he just goes spastic.

... and then there are days like this..., there you have it.  I am hanging my head in shame over the lack of updating and photo-taking.

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