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Robbie is currently working through Singapore Math (SM) 1A (which he begs to do... he loves math). I am also picking and choosing ideas from Rightstart to supplement and enhance (not to mention, stretch out) his math time. The SM is pretty straight-forward and he adores the format, but we still use other things to round things out. Those "accessories" are what I thought I'd post about today. There is nothing unique or new here, but I thought I'd share... just in case. (Click any image below to a product link. I receive nothing if you do. It's merely for your convenience, should you be interested.)

These multi-link cubes are so versatile. Of course, they can be used as simple counter and to teach/reinforce place value, but they also work well when teaching area and volume. (Robbie also loves to simply create with them.)

Geometric solids can be used for a variety of activities. We've discussed planes, shapes and vertices and charted which will roll, built with them, etc.

Robbie has been consistently beating me at the Rightstart Card Games we've played. These games cover so, so much. I highly recommend them. No wonder Robbie thinks math is fun!

We have kept a variety of geoboards available for exploration since Robbie was a toddler (when he played with the one I made for him - Click here for original post).

Ahhh... Robbie's abacus... this has been well worth the $10 we spent on it. Yes, it's part of the Rightstart program, but I find myself using it when I'm presenting a new concept in his Singapore lessons. He also likes to make up his own math problems and "prove them" (as he says) on the abacus.

While we've done very little on an official level with our balance scale(s... we have three), Robbie has learned much on his own by exploring and playing with it.

Our tally sticks (i.e. craft/popsicle sticks) have been nearly indispensable. These have been a great, tactile way to reinforce grouping by fives and tens.

These fraction towers are another tool that I've mostly just left out for Robbie to play with and explore. They were a gift from an online friend and I am very thankful for them.

We have many more math "accessories" around the house and (of course) there are many, many, many more uses for these items than I've listed. In fact, I'd love to find some fun new ways to use the things we already have. Please, feel free point me to any resources you may know of.

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  1. We own some of these tools and love them all. Your abacus is great in dividing 5 by color. Ours is not very useful since 5s and 50s are not well separated. Your post also reminded me to get our geoboard out.

  2. We have most of these, and my son prefers the hands-on activities more than anything! I have my eye on an abacus like that too!


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