Outer Space Theme Highlights

Preschool Space Unit

We just finished up our June Outer Space theme and I thought I'd post a bit about the things we enjoyed the most.

Robbie enjoyed his outer space sensory bin. I used some black floral rocks as the base. The figures are from a Safari Ltd. Space Toob. We purchased a glow-in-the dark cosmos set and I added them one planet at a time (in order by distance from the sun). The "sun" was the sphere from our geometric solids. He also played with a Matchbox space shuttle and another larger shuttle which was a souvenir from Kennedy Space Center.

See our other sensory bins

Since this was such a laid back theme, I didn't incorporate much into our regular studies. Here are a few of the things that we used in addition to our normal "Three Rs" studies...

Reading: Helper Word Rockets

Writing: Tracing Sheets from this Preschool Pack

Math: Space-Themed Beginning Number Bonds

Robbie really enjoyed his freeze-dried ice cream.

We did a few hands-on craft-type things...

I found this spaceship kit on clearance at Target.

Robbie and I made a satellite from a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil and a straw.

He really loved making this Makit and Bakit Suncatcher.

Robbie told me that playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii counted as learning about space.

He built a rocket with his wooden blocks.

You can find links to many of the things we used (and some I wish we'd used) this past month on my Space Theme Pinterest Board.


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  1. I love the sensory bin!
    Fellow Crew mate and new follower! :)


  2. Great week! Love the rocket out of blocks. We still have to eat our freeze dried icecream.

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I am sure I will be able to use a few of these as we continue to take our adventure into outer space!

  4. That space sensory bin is rad!


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