Planting Sunflowers

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Robbie planted sunflowers with "Moo" (my mom) last week. I was able to snap a few pictures. He is loving all of this outdoor fun!!

He gently pressed the seeds into the soil.

He spilled one of his little planters when he began to water them... but "Moo" helped him save it.

He has been watering and checking on his sunflowers daily. (I'll post updates as they sprout/grow. He'll enjoy relocating them into the garden.)


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  1. Sunflowers are one of my very favorite flowers, and they are great for kids to grow. What a fun project with Grandma :)
    (stopping by from Science Sunday)

  2. What a fun way to spend time with Grandma!

  3. Planting seeds is such a great kid project.

  4. What a blessing to have your mom involved! I hope you post pictures as they grow. :-) My Science Sunday was about flowers today, too!


  5. I love the planters he got to make. We're hopefully going to do some more "official" plantings with me actually showing the kids how to properly plant their seeds.

  6. Fun project! And thumbs up to Grandma! I have never done anything like this with my boys- I might just have to get on it. I think they would be thrilled with sunflowers!


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