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Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 3.5 years old.

intentional learning


Robbie played around on Starfall.com this week. That's really as close to reading instruction that we got.

I picked up the top three books for reading aloud at the Dollar Tree and the Golden Book for a few dollars at another store (probably Walmart).

Robbie received a package from an online friend of mine and he immediately made RockerDad read one of the books to him.

Pre-WRITING (fine motor activities)

...inserting hooks into ornaments and then hanging them on the little tree...

...tracing circles to make a picture of Mickey Mouse...

...painting the sun-catchers he received in his package...


I picked up this chocolate Advent calendar at the Dollar Tree to use in conjunction with our Counting Up to Christmas Activities. He opens the door of the current day just before bed and takes turns eating the candy with me and RockerDad.

Here is a photo of a few of our Day 6 activities. The ALAbacus is always set (in one way or another) to reflect the day. He had to match hand cards to number cards up to the current day. (Printable cards can be found in the math section of this post..)

This is our very first sensory bin. I am posting about it in this section because it was used in various ways as part of our math activities this week. You can't see the tally sticks (because they'd already been removed and not yet replaced on this day), but he had to find the day's number of tally sticks and then make the number with them. A chocolate "coin" is also hidden in there daily for him to find (this is made more difficult by the play pirate gold that I place in there as well, but he always finds the chocolate).

See our other sensory bins

He strung mini ornaments in sequence from 1 - the current day onto pretty ribbon.

It's been a really, really long time since we've had any size-sequencing activities, so I thought I'd see if he'd enjoy one. I cut these stockings out of a ripped Christmas gift bag and glued shredded tissue for the fluffy part. I had lots of fun making this. He sequenced them once and hasn't given them a second look. Oh, well...

practical learning

He made and decorated cookies with his friend, Nolan.

playful learning

He has turned into a Mario fiend...

He worked this lenticular puzzle over and over and over...

natural learning

He had lots of fun exploring his first midwest snowfall:

making mom smile

Showing his elation at all of his new books.. (they arrived on St. Nicholas Day).  I just love that he loves books. :)

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  1. Fun week! I love the sensory bin you created :-)

  2. Lots of fun, hands-on learning activities! Love the little bakers! Too cute!

  3. What a fun-filled educational week for your son! I bet he had a ball!

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