Kindergarten Graduate

Kindergarten Wrap-Up
Well, it's over. Since Robbie finished Kindergarten months ago, we've been kind of laid back with both school and blogging about it. 

I had planned a much more rigorous K year, but I don't regret one bit how things have turned out. He can read anything you place in front of him, he's multiplying and starting to divide, he's inquisitive and insightful... and (most importantly) he got to enjoy being 5 years old. As school demands more and more of his time, I'll always be glad that he had such a carefree Kindergarten experience.

Our local homeschool group held a graduation ceremony for the kindergarteners, which was so much fun. The photo package was a bit steep for us, but a good friend helped us out by taking some wonderful photos of Robbie in his cap and gown. 

Since first grade is just around the corner, I thought I'd post a few pics of things I found on my camera (from Kindy) to try to get back into the swing of blogging.  Perhaps I'll be a bit more diligent with my posts going forward.

It's difficult (for me) to get language arts photos.. mostly because he stops what he's doing if I grab the camera. Robbie finished his phonics program long ago, but I did snap a pic of our whiteboard after we did some -tion review a few months ago. 
RockerDad and Robbie have enjoyed numerous nature walks this spring.  Here are a few of the photos they took:

 Japanese Garden
Mostly, I found photos of Robbie playing (and sweating).

Indoor Bouncy Fun 
Pitching to his cousin, LJ 
 Serious Ballplayer 
 About to be tackled by LJ and Tyler

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  1. I understand the struggle to get photos. I tried to take a picture of my daughter today and she told me "no photos" and waved her hands at me. That was not the photo I wanted.

    1. Yes, they certainly can make it difficult when they choose to.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The kindergarten graduation is cute. :-) My 2nd child just finished Kindergarten this year, and on our last day of school, I said to him that he would be a first grader now, and he was pretty surprised and excited. I guess hadn't thought very much about what would happen after Kindergarten. A "Kindergarten graduation" sounds like a nice way to cap things off!

    1. Yes, Robbie is very excited to be a first grader, as well. I was very surprised an pleased to discover that our homeschool group recognizes the kindy grads. Congrats to your little one!!


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