A Peek at Our Christmas...

Robbie had a wonderful time leading up to, during and after Christmas this year. It has been so much fun to experience the anticipation and excitement with him. Here is a teeny, tiny nutshell of a peek into his Christmas fun:

He built his new Lego Fire Rescue Ship with his Daddy...

...and loved playing with it on his new Lego table (underneath the red topper is a Lego building surface).

He protected the universe from the threat of invasion by the evil Emperor Zurg.

We all experienced our very first white Christmas... in TENNESSEE, no less!! (Note: RockerDad and I don't remember the ones we have undoubtedly experienced as babies in Illinois and Wyoming, so they don't count.)

Robbie has been tearing through his new Leapster games.

He was very, very excited to see his big brother, Tyler on Christmas Day.

This ribbon gave him so much trouble that he finally asked for scissors. (Note the large stack of presents behind him. Those were for his big brother as Robbie had already opened most of his at a different house that day. It was a lesson for Robbie in being unselfish and even though I saw him looking at the severely disproportionate piles of packages, he handled it with more grace than I had expected.)

"Come on, Grandma! Cut the pies!!"

I hope that you and your families had wonderful holiday moments, too. Have a safe, happy, educational and memorable New Year from the RockerFamily!!!!

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  1. What a great Christmas! Love his Buzz costume!


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