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I'm going to post a bit about our plans for the upcoming year instead of what we did this week. (We have had mostly "free-play" going on around here, anyway.) I have many goals for our final year before he is officially in Pre-K. In these final weeks before our 2010-2011 year starts, I plan to outline some of them in my weekly posts.

I've already posted about our basic curriculum for 2010-2011. I'll focus now on some of the Read-Alouds we'll be doing each week as well as our Bible time.

Our basic outline has us reading (and re-reading) the following each week:
  • Bible Story (we will follow his AWANA Cubbies lessons)

  • Nursery Rhyme (he will memorize these in addition to his Bible verse)

  • Fairy Tale or Fable (we will attempt a stART project with these)

  • At least 2 Classic Children's Stories

  • Attend story hour at the library

... everything else will simply be "fun reading" from our collection and the library.

I think that he will enjoy participating in the AWANA program. He is really excited to start. I hope that the time he spends with the other children will be fun and I also believe it will hold me accountable for his Bible lessons.

My goals for this year are simply to read to him as much as possible and to expose him to classic children's literature & poetry.

Next, I'll be telling our plans & goals for our final year of Tot School...

Oh, and if you really need to see something we did this week... check out our Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To activity. :)


  1. My son did Cubbies for two years. We loved it!!! When he finished I think he'd memorized over 100 verses (in two years). I plan to have my youngest start next fall.

  2. Reading as much as I can to my little ones is my biggest goal this school year too.

  3. I love your reading plan for the year! Thanks for the reminder I need to get Sammy signed up for AWANA :-)

  4. Oh, I like the idea of memorizing a nursery rhyme a week. I might have to try that.

  5. Girlygirl learned her Bible verse so well because of AWANA and she loves it. It is a great program. I still remeber ton of what I learned in AWANA

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and your sweet comment! I hope you enjoyed growing up with all those brothers. I know Emily loves all the attention from hers. I "liked" you on facebook. I just set one up too if you want to "like" me. :)
    Posted about it here: http://raisingfutureleaders.blogspot.com/2010/08/like-me-on-facebook.html

  7. I love that you outlined your ideas for the year and that there is such a huge emphasis on reading!

    Visiting from Tot School!

  8. Sounds like a great year of reading! We are just getting set up with goals for the year too. This is my first week linking up with Preschool Corner.


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