A conversation with RockerTot...

This is part of the conversation I had with RockerTot while bathing him this evening (he was playing with his bath toys):

Him: (setting a little bear on the side of the tub) "Bears don't live in the water. (Then making the bear attack a toy fish) They eat fish in the water."

Me: "That's right, they do."

Him: "Pteranodons eat fish."

Me: "... and what did Tyrannosaurus Rex eat?" (fully expecting to receive the simple reply "meat"... or something that was not even close to correct)

Him: "Carrion" (I was dumbstruck for a moment.)

This is from the same kid who, just the other day, told RockerDad, "There's something in my booger hole." (meaning his nostril, of course)

I guess the PBS show "Dinosaur Train" really has taught him some things.


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