Enjoying the Weather

RockerBoy had some cash and decided to buy an inflatable pool and some balls to make his own ball pit. They needed several hundred more balls, but neither he nor RockerTot seemed to notice. :) I just love to see them having fun together. (He actually got both the pool and the balls at Wal Mart for $20 total.)

RockerTot primed the bubbles on his mower.

He also used his tractor to tow his dump truck.

He spent some quality time on his swing set.

He got to walk Winston (his aunt's dog.. they came to visit).


Here is the best shot I could get (it was dusk-lighting with a very dark background of trees) of RockerDad (bottom left) flying RockerTot's Toy Story kite (top right).

... a few shots from behind him. He had this thing flying for over 30 minutes straight!


We waited all last summer, but the ice cream truck never came down our street. You can't imagine how fast we scrambled to find cash and run out the door when we actually heard the truck's music coming down the street the other day. I captured a shot of RockerTot enjoying his first ice cream from a musical truck.


We also packed a picnic lunch and ate outside (on our front steps, lol). It was special even if it was on our porch.

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