Tot School

RockerTot is currently 32 months old.

aka ScholarTot

He worked on numeral recognition.

He really liked our homemade "carrot" (easter eggs) Montessori Sound Boxes.

He practiced writing and drawing in a tray of salt.

We enjoyed playing this homemade game to help reinforce the numeral recognition activities. We used two of his little army men as playing pieces.

aka ApprenticeTot

RockerTot made chocolate-covered bananas... yum!

aka NatureTot

RockerTot enjoyed a warm day in our yard and at the park with his big brother and his cousins.

Just Plain RockerTot

He was a pirate..

...he found the Easter puzzle I was saving for next month ...

...he made a Play-Doh snake for me...

...he created a reading cave out of the box from his new car seat...

... he played "Bird's-Eye Bull's Eye" on Wii Fit Plus...

... he was full of energy (more than usual) this week.

RockerMoms Fave Photos

RockerDad fried catfish and made homemade tartar sauce on Thursday evening (and even washed the dishes!). This is my favorite photo this week because I got a break. (RockerTot's fillet is broken because he couldn't eat an entire fillet.)


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  1. What a wonderful week! I love the pirate picture! The board game you created looks like a lot of fun :-)

  2. Oh I am so glad you linked up, I missed your regular posts! I love what you are doing with him-as always!

  3. Ooh . . . LOVE the reading cave! I often find my kids holed up in small places with blankets and pillows. B likes to say, "I found a cozy place, Mom!" Thanks for sharing your fun week!

  4. I like your homemade game! You always do such fun things. :)

  5. You do post the best activities. I had been contemplating making a salt tray. Seeing yours is great encouragement. Thanks.
    The chocolate bananas look so yummy!


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