RockerTot in the Kitchen: Dipping Bananas

RockerTot and his cousins, J (8 yrs) and Big E (5 yrs) enjoyed making chocolate covered bananas together. We wish that RockerBoy had been able to help, too! Special thanks goes out to my mother-in-law for bringing the chocolate and the bananas!

We cut the bananas in half and placed the sticks in them before freezing them. This chocolate solidified very, very quickly. We had to work fast.

Mamoo (my mom) helped the boys dip their bananas. (I think she was afraid they would make a mess.)

First, RockerTot ...

... then J ...

... then Big E ...

Here is the tray of covered bananas.

RockerTot enjoyed his frozen treat ...

... so did Big E ...

(J is a pretty picky eater who admitted to liking both chocolate and bananas, but didn't want to eat them together, hence, no snacking shot of him.)

The chocolate was a pre-packaged kind that can be found near the bananas in the supermarket, but it was good. Next time, I believe we'll roll them in some toppings before they harden. YUM!

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  1. These are SO good....and yes, there are so many toppings you could add!

  2. Those look great ... we have yet to make them but I dont know why, on my to-do list!


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