Pre-Writing - Salt Tray

Backstage Pass

**I do NOT recommend allowing your tot to use any of these items unsupervised.**

I had not presented this activity to RockerTot in quite a few months, (and he was being particularly difficult on this particular day) so I thought I'd bring it out to give him something "new" to focus on for a bit.

I was quite surprised that he decided to draw letters.. I didn't suggest that. I just thought that the sensory input from the grainy salt coupled with the fun of drawing and erasing (shaking) the tray would occupy him while I prepared his lunch.

He had so much fun with this. I think we'll have to bring it out once a week or so.

Here are pics of his fun:

** I've seen these trays on so many sites that I cannot accurately give credit for this one, but I thank everyone who posted about these types of trays. Salt could be painful if your child has any cuts on his/her fingers. Some other alternatives could be flour, rice, corn starch, shaving cream... the possibilities seem endless.


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