Numeral Recognition: 1 & 2


**I do NOT recommend allowing your tot to use any of these items unsupervised.**

RockerTot can count by ones to 30 (at least), by tens to 100, is working on fives, count down from ten, can count objects, can count up and down from any number that he knows.... most of this he's picked up with very little help or intervention from me. However, he doesn't actually know his numbers. This wouldn't be an issue, but he gets frustrated trying to name them and not knowing. I have not figured out how to get him to recognize the numerals 0-10 (well, he recognizes a few... sometimes).

I'm enlisting him in letter boot camp (lol, I'm kidding, of course). I'm trying to engage his motor skills, vision, language and hearing in some numeral recognition activities over the next week or two in the hopes of gaining some ground in this area.

Since he's already been exposed to numbers, I'll be covering them two at a time. We may move on daily, or every other day. I'll just see how it goes.

Here is a shot of the materials we used for this activity:

Numbers 1 and 2

Click here to download the pdf file of the items used in this post.


RockerTot colored his number cutout, I tried to use the name for the number he was coloring several times in conversation as well as trying to get him to do the same.

Numbers 1 and 2

... and in case you think his coloring is all neat like the photo above, here is his number one:

Numbers 1 and 2

I cut out his number one and he glued it onto the corresponding sheet. He played with colored tiles while I cut out his number two. (He came up with making a number one with the tiles.. not me.) Again, I kept repeating the names of the numbers throughout our conversation, and I drew the names out of him several times as well (simply through conversation).

Numbers 1 and 2

Here he is applying glue to his number two. He loves to glue things.

Numbers 1 and 2

He traced the numbers with his finger as he said the name.

Numbers 1 and 2

He used the tracing pages I made for him. (These were not for writing practice, although they could be. These pages were to involve his hands and eyes both in making the connection between the shape and the number name.) I used a marker to put a green dot where he should begin and a red dot where he should stop (these dots are not in the files, sorry).

Numbers 1 and 2

Numbers 1 and 2

We will also be using our homemade sandpaper numbers, puzzles, magnets and various other activities, but I wanted to share these files and how we used them in case they could help someone else.


Tools for Tots


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