Pattern Card and Counting Templates


**I do NOT recommend allowing your tot to use any of these items unsupervised.**

I have had a few requests for the files to my pattern cards. I thought I would go ahead and upload them, just in case anyone else was interested. Simply click the pictures to download the files.

This first file is our basic counting 1-5 sheet. I designed it to be used with our Dollar Tree erasers, but any number of objects would work.

Here are the files for my pattern cards. I made these specifically for the musical note erasers I found at the Dollar Tree, but since some of you have told me that you have the same erasers, I thought you might find them useful. You can choose between the color or the black & white version.

I have also uploaded a blank pattern template. Feel free to use this to make your own or to set up examples for your tot to follow with actual objects.

I also decided to upload our counting cards. These circles were designed to fit a pack of poker chips that came in a multi-game set. Again, any objects can be substitued for the poker chips. The pdf file includes numbers 1-10.

Finally, I have provided several of my pattern templates for the Connect Four game. There is even a blank template for coloring if you need it at the end of the file.

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  1. I love your site!!!!Thank you,thank you,thank you for taking the time to post these.

  2. Yahoo! Love your site. We'll be using these!

  3. Thanks a bunch!! You're awesome RockerMom!

  4. Thanks for the share. I will definitely be using these with my grandson. Love the game idea. Very creative indeed!

  5. Thanks for sharing your them!

  6. Thanks for sharing the ideas and also the counting templates. It would be really useful for my child.


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