Tot School

RockerTot is currently 25 months old.

Why does it always seem like the less Tot School I plan to do (I wanted to take the week off), the more it looks like we did?

aka ScholarTot

I purchased this container at the Dollar General store for $2. I thought it would hold his Magnet School cards and letters very nicely. (That price in the link is OUTRAGEOUS. We paid less than $25 for it at Target.)

He was so happy that I brought it back out for him this week. (I didn't get the little green caddy until later this day.)

We found a Star Wars paint with water book and he loved this activity. I wasn't happy with the overall difficulty involved in getting the colors to spread, though. I tried it and it wasn't even easy for me. I hope we can locate a better paint with water book soon.

This is how far he made it on the eraser pattern cards I made for him. He quickly lost interest. Oh well, I thought it was a good idea. We'll try again at a later date.

He matched uppercase and lowercase tactile letters (thanks, Stephanie!!).

Here is a picture of his Connect Four Pattern Cards... all laminated and set up (I used clear tape to attach it).

He really enjoyed this one.

He asked for his stamps. He really loves stamping things.. and sticking his fingers on the ink pad. :) (You'll see blue fingers in several photos... this is why.)

I cut a slot in the lid of a plastic jar (I think it held Dole peaches). I gave him some play money (he was heavily supervised with such tiny pieces) and he had fun with his "bank". (He loves to put money into his real bank, but it's much too fragile for him to play with.)

aka ApprenticeTot

This is the only shot I got of him helping out around the house. He was very upset by the fact that I placed the sliced cheese into the fridge without putting it into our cheese container, so I asked him to do it for me. He did...... one slice at a time.

aka NatureTot

I captured this photo of his stick collection. I wish I'd had my camera on the day he collected them. He handed them to my sister-in-law one at a time. Her poor hands couldn't hold them all (the longest stick in this photo is approximately 5 feet long). He'd patiently pick up even the tiniest stick she dropped and place it back into her grip. She finally convinced him to make this pile.

RockerTot checked on the progress of the peppermint that he planted with RockerDad.

Just Plain RockerTot

We had ice cream in these fun bowls (set of three bowls and spoons from the Dollar Tree).

It was a nice after-naptime treat.

He played with his Play Doh Fun Factory for the first time. I usually had to help him push the lever as it took a bit of strength. He wanted to play with this everyday.

RockerTot liked cutting Play Doh with a "knife" (included with the Fun Factory).

We played with his blocks (which always leads to building a "choo choo tunnel"). He built this tunnel all by himself!

So I asked RockerDad, "Why does a 2 year old who stays home with his Mommy need a Transformers lunch box?" I soon learned that it was a carrying case for RockerTot's new favorite toys... Transformers.

I was surprised when he was able to transform this Level 2 Bumblebee all by himself (part of it is button-activated when transforming from car to robot, but he still has to deal with legs and arms... there is no automation when transforming from robot to car). RockerDad says it's great fine motor/hand-eye skills. It's a guy bonding thing with them. (Seriously, it's cute. He won't see the films, though.)

Here he is on our new Wii fit (my early birthday present from RockerDad). He faced the wrong way and would turn to see things.

RockerTot did the Basic Run all by himself!

RockerMoms Fave Photos

RockerDad and RockerTot had some drawing time together. They both put their drawings on the refrigerator while I was in the shower.

Mamoo (my mom) came over and RockerTot insisted that she read the Little Golden Book Dumbo to him. She, of course, complied.


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  1. You are so fabulous! First of all, I've downloaded and printed your Connect Four and counting pages and am going to laminate today (the growing pile on my desk is screaming to finally be laminated).

    And, I can't wait to try Maddie out on the Wii. We haven't played it in a while, but I bet she'd love it. You guys DID have a busy week and i loved seeing everything you did (and stashing away things I want to try, too!).

  2. I think the eraser pattern cards are a great idea. I've tried making patterns with our small erasers with my son and then seeing if he can copy them. He just isn't all that interested either. :) (They just don't know how much time we spend on these things!) Looks like you had a great week - great pictures too!

  3. There are so many wonderful ideas here. I will definitely be trying the connect four printing cards and making pattern cards for our mini counting items. Thank you for all these great Tools.

  4. Thanks for the downloads!! :) Also I have yet to find a water painting book for Sunshine yet. Where did you find yours??

  5. You always have new, amazing ideas! We just got back from a trip to visit my sister in upstate NY so I haven't put together my tot school post. Thanks for more wonderful ideas.

  6. Bear collects sticks endlessly. Rocks too. You do such amazing things with Rocker Tot. :)

  7. Such a cute picture of your little one and Dad drawing together.

    I love the caddy and the magnetic alphabet cards!! I see so many things on your posts that I can't wait to try and I add to my list of need to do and wishes:-).

    Thanks for posting links too--so helpful!

  8. I love the tactile letter matching cards! What a great idea! And the choo choo tunnel is adorable :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow you always have such great activities for your son. I can't wait to try the letter matching. Emily loves her water color books...I will have to take those out again too!

  10. It's simply AMAZING all that you do with your little guy. I just started "tot-school" this week; I love seeing the different activities/play that you guys did. Fantastic!

  11. I have that letter matching set. I need to get it out for Michaela! Thanks for the reminder.

  12. We love paint with water. I have 2 posts about it on my blog and describe some tips for finding good books:

    In general, I thought that the 'duller' dye colors worked best. The pages that have really bright dye has never spread correctly for us. That might just be coincidence. I have the Star Wars book that we haven't started yet. Now I am sad that it won't work very well.

  13. great week! i love all the daddy son time! we'll have to try some of those activities.


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