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RockerTot is currently 20 months old.

There was so much going on this week with Valentine's Day, RockerBoy and my nephews visiting and cold weather that I'm surprised we managed to do so much.

RockerTot can feed himself very well with a fork, but a spoon is his undoing. We've been working on using a spoon with his dry cereal snacks. He's doing pretty well, so far.


We tried to theme some of our Tot-School activites along the lines of the Letter of the Week Preparatory Curriculum this week. I don't know that we'll follow it to the letter (no pun intended), but it's a jumping off point.

Here, RockerTot is sorting some construction paper squares by color. I taped a dot of each color into the bottom of some plastic containers I had.

We checked these books out from the library (the only ones our tiny library had with cows in them). I read them to him several times this week.
Come Down Now, Flying Cow! The Smallest Cow in the World

RockerTot colored a picture of a cow. He is now borderline obsessed with cows.

He placed two of his raisins on the cow's eyes to show me where they were.


We played with the felt shapes I had cut out for him.

He really had fun with the simple fill & spill bottle I made for him. (It has q-tips in it therefore he was heavily supervised. He loves to put things into his ears.)

RockerTot played with measuring cups and books at his Mamoo's house. I'm not sure what the two have in common, but they were the objects of desire.


There were several chances early in the week to go outside and play.. I mean, to work on his gross motor skills.

He has been able to climb the ladder to the slide for some time now. He's so proud when he reaches the top. He always slides down on his tummy (with supervision).

He loves to play catch with RockerDad.

Baseball, Softball...

... even Football!!

Here is a picture of him hitting off of a "tee" made out of coffee cups. He thought it was funny when the coffee cups fell.

These photos illustrate the game he made up using a spatula and Nerf Dart Tag darts.


RockerDad led RockerTot, his big brother (RockerBoy) and two of his cousins (J & E) on a hike. The boys loved it!!


I'll end with another photo. Here are the four "hikers" in front of a caboose downtown. It is stationary, so they were able to climb on it and tighten/release the brakes. They all had a fun day together.


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  1. Oh, you are such a great mommy and teacher.

  2. What great pictures and you are doing a wonderful job. Looks like he is having fun.

  3. thanks for sharing your sonderful ideas!

  4. What a wonderful week! You do so much with him. There seems to be a lot of fun at your "tot school"!

  5. Looks like you had a ton of learning fun! I love the t-ball T! He's using his imagination!

  6. Looks like you had a great week. Another variation on the Q-Tip in a bottle is to put popcycle sticks into a lidded coffee cup (travel mug). My kids enjoyed that one.


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