Kindergarten Wrap-Up: Week 1

Yes, Robbie's official kindergarten year is finally underway. (Honestly, it feels like it will be our third year of kindergarten.. lol!) We had a sudden death in my immediate family, so our year has started off a bit more slowly than I'd anticipated, but we're getting there.

Here is a bit of a recap of our first week.

Everything was all set up for our first day.

Over the summer, Robbie completed his Hooked on Phonics second grade levels. We won't be continuing with that program for more advanced phonics (he's simply not ready for the length of the books in Master Reader).

He read through several pages/lessons in Phonics Pathways. I was a bit surprised to find that some "new" rules were things he already knew. He also did several pages in Explode the Code 4 and his McGuffey Reader.

Caught reading to his animals outside of class time!!!
He also read his Lego Club magazine to Minerva (our cat), but she looks more interested in the TV. ;)

He's doing a few handwriting sheets each day to reinforce proper letter formation before we begin a formal writing program. 
Spelling: Reviewing all rules from All About Spelling Level 1 and writing dictated level one phrases.

Grammar: First Language Lessons is a hit!!

I have no math or science pictures (bad RockerMom!!).

Math: Robbie started Singapore 1B and is coasting right along.

Science: The Human Body... more to come about this.

Robbie is working on a "Me on the Map" lapbook as an introduction to geography. I promise I'll post some pictures next week.

Art: Studied "The Starry Night" by Van Gogh (project and pics to come)

Open-ended painting (Mario, of course)
Music: Listened to various pieces by Mozart and learned a bit about him. Robbie also attends a music class on Monday where they sing, work on steady beat and are learning basic rhythms on their hand drums.

Robbie is really enjoying his AWANA club.
We're also reading, memorizing and discussing passages from "The Children's Book of Virtues". 

Robbie was very excited on his first day of co-op (or was the excitement more about his new backpack?). It was a big success!! 

He's also having a blast playing soccer. ;)

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  1. It is so nice you can tailor his curriculum to meet his exact needs. I love that last cute.

  2. I know what you mean about multiple years of kindergarten! My son will be 5 in November, so we won't do an "official" kindergarten year until next year. But we've been doing Tot School or Preschool for years now! :)

  3. This last picture is hilarious. Sorry about the death in the family.

  4. It sounds great! I keep meaning to post our work too.... I'm just such a slacker with blogging.

  5. Robbie is a cutie, love the pics. I just remembered my son's first day of kindergarten. He had a blast too!
    gold coast montessori


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