First Grade: Week 2

First Grade Week 2
While our plans for this week will be carrying over into the next, we did have lots of fun!

Week two was interrupted by a freecation an hour away in my hometown.  We stayed with my parents and had a lovely long weekend.  I decided not to fret about it and just to finish the rest of the work the following week.  We had such a wonderful time.  I don't regret my decision one bit.

So... here's the first half of what was supposed to be our second week of school...

I've modified Robbie's writing plan just a bit and it seems to be working much better for him.  Spelling is going smoothly and grammar is, as well.

We took a break from Charlotte's Web, since we had so many history books to read.

Math Games
Addition War using Ten Frames cards (see link to print your own) and addition with game dice.

Math was more addition and multiplication.  We played lots of games using inexpensive gaming dice I picked up at a local comic book store.  Robbie loved rolling all of our dice at once and adding up the numbers.  It was a great mental math exercise.

We played some of our Rightstart Math Games for math facts reinforcement.   We used our Ten Frame cards for addition war. 

Nomads and the First Settlers (Part One)
..making a clay pot, inking his map, weaving on a cardboard loom and reading one of his books.

Our focus during our history lessons was on early man and the first settlers.  We did several projects and started reading through our books.  Robbie's favorite book (by far) was You Wouldn't Want to Be a Mammoth Hunter.

Books used this week:

We began our study of animal cells.  We read from our spine, World of Animals, and watched The Magic School Bus: Goes Cellular.  We will be doing much more next week.

Books used this week:


We're still loving Greek Alphabet Code Cracker! I've made some printable cards with names of family members.  I thought that might help him to familiarize himself with some of the letters.  He's also coloring the alphabet pages I printed from the Classical Academic Press website.

Educational Apps, Games and Videos

Videos from this week:

Apps* from this week: 

*Links to apps are for Amazon App store, which is what his Nabi2 Tablet uses.   I'm sure most are also available for iOS and through Google Play.

Other than playing our rhythm instruments and a bit of guitar practice, music fell by the wayside this week.  (Yes, I'm properly ashamed.)  Art was unstructured.. it seems counter-intuitive to "structure" art time in our home.  I will keep trying, though.

Here are some snippets of our fun weekend get-not-so-far-away.  Robbie spent most of his time swimming and playing outside with his cousin, Big E.  I was really impressed that the small town just opened a free splash pad for the kids.  Both boys loved it!  We also attended my great-niece's fourth birthday party.  The whole trip was really a wonderful time for all of us!!!

Pool Fun
Three Days of Pool Time (Yes, that's me all squished in that big hug!!)

Splash Pad
2 Mornings at the Splash Pad

Outdoor Fun
A fun day with his cousins at a birthday party and a campfire.

Well, that was our week.  What was yours like?  Leave me links in the comments so I can check them out!!

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  1. I like your blend of school and summer fun. I like all of your history activities.

    1. Thanks! I'm in awe of YOUR history activities. I wouldn't even know how to begin to do all that you do.

  2. Oh! I love caveman history! We follow a unit study format in our homeschool, but we studied dinosaurs and cave dwellers last August, and we had so much fun. The kids made me buy "The First Dog" for them because they love it so much :-) I'm glad you guys had a great time both at the pool and in your studies this week.

    1. I love the idea of unit studies, but I never know how to tie everything together. We are just letting history and science guide us. :)

      I am a horrible library user. I never return things on time, so we purchased all of the books we're using.

  3. Sounds like the right decision to take off to visit family! You are already doing so much!

  4. The splash pad looks like a blast to play in! The week looks like a healthy mix of learning and fun.

  5. I've learned to not sweat it when school does not get done on any given day. That is why we school year round and I think it is great. We were watching some friend's kids all day today, so we skipped school and had lots of fun play biggie! We've got that Mammoth book too =)


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