Our Current Kitchen... er... Classroom

Sadly, we do not have a dedicated school room. Like so many other homeschoolers, we homeschool at the table. Our particular table happens to reside in our eat-in kitchen.

I've been doing a bit of reorganizing over the past few days. It seemed like the best time to take a few photos. (Please don't hold the wallpaper against me... we're renters. I had no choice in the matter.)

This first one is of our main school shelves. The left side holds Robbie's subject boxes, bins of readers (including one for my great-nephew, whom I tutor), supply caddies, memory work box, All About Spelling cards and drawing materials. The right side is filled with math games and manipulatives. 

We have a small shelf for current readers and read-alouds.

This is our main school wall. I'm sure its appearance will change throughout the school year.

I picked up this "Star Student" chair cover in our local Target's dollar spot. It's impossible to see, but Robbie filled out his own name card. (Apparently, he's now known as "Legendary Trigger Happy"). Oh, and Minerva just had to make sure she was featured in at least ONE of these photos.

Sharing this post during School Room Week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop.
You can see our Week 1: Curriculum post here.

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  1. Looks like you have created a great space for learning to take place! We too don't have a classroom.. I hope to post about our school room this weekend!

  2. Our classroom is also my craft room, and it used to be the guest bedroom, before I did some rearranging in our house. I love how well organized it is!

  3. That's a really good use of those magazine holders--I've often wanted to create some out of boxes.

  4. Legendary Trigger Happy is a great name! And a star student too! That is just awesome and makes me smile! Enjoy that super cute space in the kitchen!

  5. We rented for many years, I totally understand not having a choice in wall paper or paint! I really like how you used magazine files for different subjects. I think that will be a good next step when Bebop outgrows his trays and tubs.

  6. Love that you included a pic of your kitty-cat!! We have one cat and now a small dog too and they are definitely apart of our homeschool day. ;) Thanks for Sharing & Happy Homeschooling!

  7. Love the use of space, especially the yellow magazine holders! The strip for current read-alouds is a great idea ~ one I may steal in the not so distant future!

  8. Such a great job utilizing the space you have, getting it organized and making it look great! Love the chair cover! :)

  9. Love your spaces and your shelf for current read-alouds. Cute kitty too!
    Have a nice homeschool year!

    Popped over from Sunrise Learning Lab to see your Week 2 - School Room Tour post that you linked up with the iHomeschool Network’s Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop.


  10. Have a great year - it looks great!

  11. Looks great! Found you in the Not Back to School Hop, thanks for sharing!

    Stephanie @ http://airforcefamilyadventures.blogspot.com/


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