Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer Edition #8

After the trip back from our family reunion and getting settled back in, we didn't seem to have the energy to actually do any scheduled schoolwork this week. Of course, we still did educational things, but most of them were spur-of-the-moment.
I've also included a few pics of what Robbie did while we were in West Virginia.

Robbie read the following books to me: My Giant Bunny, A Fly Went By, Smart Shark

He is really into making paper bag puppets lately. 
Paper Bag Puppets

I believe this one is a Mario puppet (notice the mustache?). 
Paper Bag Puppets

Robbie explored some of our math manipulatives. Here's a pattern block flower. 
Pattern Block Flower

He also proved that 55=55 on the math balance. 
(Actually, I just walked into the kitchen and found it this way.)
 Math Balance

Robbie's favorite read-alouds from the past week: 

We finished the first Spiderwick Chronicles book. We will start the second one soon. We slacked a bit on Doctor Dolittle, though. The Three Pigs by David Wiesner was his absolute favorite. I read it to him. He read it to me.. and now he plans to read it to RockerDad. It's seen more love than any library book we've chosen before. I think we may have to purchase this one.  

Summer Fun
During our annual reunion, we stay in a house that is rented to skiers in the winter. The house is lovely and is surrounded by acres and acres of land with horses, ponds, forests, etc. It's nice to have our own place on this picturesque mountaintop. Robbie helped "Moo" (my Mom) pick apples in the back yard.
 Picking Apples

He drew pictures using his "A Boy's Adventure" drawing book. 

He played with Play-Doh when he wasn't outside. 

The day of the reunion, an enormous inflatable double water slide appeared in the yard. The kids spent uninterrupted hours on this thing. Here is a shot of Robbie sliding down with his cousin, Mallory. 
Water Slide

Robbie and Ally (Mallory's sister) being silly together. Cousins

My favorite picture was taken by my niece, Ashley, and doesn't even have Robbie in it. I really love this photo of my Mom with Ally, her great-granddaughter (my nephew's younger daughter). It's hard to tell, but they both have the same beautiful blue eyes. 
Ashley's Photo

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  1. It sounds like reunion was a great success. I like this picture of your Mom too! Love your pattern blocks!

  2. What a fine week of summer learning and fun!

  3. That looks like fun, from the big rocking chairs, to picking apples and everything in between. That last photo of your mom is really beautiful.


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