Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer Edition #3

Here's a look at our week... or, at least the photos I managed to capture of our week.

Robbie is simply spelling random words and phrases from Level 1 of All About Spelling as I dictate them to him. I hope to be able to buy the next level soon, although I'm sure all of this review isn't hurting anything.

Robbie spent an hour or so one day comparing and contrasting his toys under his magnifying glass. Here he has a plastic Mario vs. a stuffed one. 

We played our first Rightstart game using our corners cards (until now, we'd only used the basic number deck). This was great because Robbie had to work multiple problems to see if a card could fit when it would touch other cards on more than one side. 

We reviewed greater/less than, but this time with dominoes. 

I made Robbie these ten frames on his little whiteboard to illustrate the concept of "making a ten" when adding numbers whose sum is greater than ten. 

We played a version of War with his ten frame cards. (I have an upcoming post about these.) 

Edited to add: The link to download the Ten Frame Cards is here

Robbie earned a movie night for behaving and getting his work done. Here are the snacks we sampled. (No, we didn't eat everything, nor has he ever had the opportunity to try so many sweets.) 

I had planned to let him choose a movie to rent through VUDU, but he said he wanted to watch "Hop". He has that movie, so I didn't complain about watching something for free. 

After using them for math play, Robbie really enjoyed making various shapes and such with the dominoes to knock down.

He played outside on a rainy day.

He enjoyed the packing peanuts from a delivery. 

He made this tie and taped it to his chest and pretended to be Donkey Kong for an entire day (plus some of the next day).

He cooled off outside after playing hard for several hours at our homeschool park day. 

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So, that was our week. What was yours like?? Please comment and leave a link, I'd love to visit.


What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Awesome week, the math games look great. I love the greater than less than with dominoes and the tens on white board. Way to go mom!

  2. Looks like he had a fun week. I could go for a movie party with those treats. lol

  3. Looks like a very busy week!

  4. Looks like a great week. I love the ten frame cards!

  5. Fun week! Robbie is an excellent speller for his age!


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