Symmetry (and more) with Linking Cubes

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Our recent extracurricular math activities have brought out the linking cubes. We haven't used these in a very long time. I found an activity book that I'd forgotten about and Robbie is having fun doing an activity or two each day or so.

Here is a look at a bit of his work on symmetry with linking cubes.
He also wanted to do this puzzle. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate three of our linking cube colors (30 cubes) until later in the week, so he was only able to get so far.
Of course, there was also lots of free play with the cubes.
Yes. He made Mario.

This is the book we've been playing with (there is also one available for grades 3-6)..
MathLink Activity Book

.. and these are the cubes we have..
Linking Cubes

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  1. Cool. We used mirrors and did symmetry when my kids were a bit younger. We drew pictures like a half of a heart and a half of a person and then used the mirror to make the pictures whole.

  2. These cubes are a great idea for teaching symmetry. Thanks for sharing.


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