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My mother and I found this Original Big Wheel at a local yard sale for $5. It was missing the pedals, but we couldn't pass it up!!

With no prompting, Robbie drew these plans (using sidewalk chalk) to repair the big wheel.

He grabbed some of his necessary tools and parts (the old bicycle pedals were thrown in for free with the Big Wheel... unfortunately, they were too big).

He used the duct tape to secure some stiff cardboard around the pedals. This was the compromise he made since we didn't have the wood blocks he originally envisioned.

He took it for a test drive.

Of course, the pedals still fell off, but I was really floored by his level of planning. He still tells us that it would have worked if he had been able to use the wood blocks.

Oh, and we found a set of pedals online and ordered them. The Big Wheel is now complete!!!


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  1. That is an impressive amount of planning.

  2. He looks like such a little engineer - very sweet!


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