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Our week has been filled with lots of reading, but most of it has been Robbie reading to me. We've read a few old favorites, but we've mostly been looking through, reading and discussing many topics in a set of non-fiction books he recently received. I know this page looks like we're slacking off, but our week just took a turn in a different direction. We've been having fun!!

Dan Yaccarino

RockerDad read this to Robbie. They both enjoyed it. I wasn't in the room at the time, so I really can't comment any further.

A Child's First Library of Learning

We recently received this full set of non-fiction books from a good friend of mine. Robbie has been fascinated with them. They have sparked his imagination, sent him on building frenzies and caused him to drive us a wee bit crazy with the amount of (additional) questions he's firing at us.

To see what others are reading to their children (and what children are reading to their parents), please visit the links below:


  1. I was going to write about this set in my Saturday post! I stumbled upon these books accidentally, and Anna is totally loving them. She can read them on her own and then entertains us with various pieces of information she learned. How lucky that you received this great present! And, by the way, link to me, link to me :)

  2. Dan Yaccarino draws such quirky illustrations! That nonfiction title looks interesting. Isn't it great when something like that piques their interest!
    So glad you linked up to RAT!

  3. I just heard about that same series at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns - definitely something we need to look for!

  4. I just put some of those books on hold, after reading Natalie's post - now I'm worried about the "extra" questions. How many more could they ask!?! :)

  5. I love that there is more and more quality nonfiction being published for kids! Sounds like fun!


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