Weekly Wrap-Up.... Valentine's Fun!!

Nursery School Wrap Up

intentional learning


Robbie read some easy phonics readers to me this week and is progressing nicely.


He practiced writing the word "LOVE" and made some -it words. He only wanted to write capital T's.

He made a Valentine Doggy inspired by the one I saw on The Joys of Home Educating

He insisted that the small hearts that were originally supposed to be part of the eyes needed to be nostrils, instead.


Robbie really enjoyed playing with his "Pieces of My Heart" fractions puzzle.

practical learning

We made oatmeal cookies together...

playful learning

He was having fun trying to do the Rhythm Parade on Wii Fit Plus.


I forgot to link up on the first Lego Mania Linky Party. I hope I get this up in time to participate.

I try to give him a themed "working bin" when we're focusing on a holiday. He is always free to use ALL of his Lego bricks, but I love to challenge him to work with what he is given.

He built this large house for his Daddy (even though he destroyed it before his Daddy got home from work... I'm glad I got the pics).

He even included stairs leading up to the bedroom...lol.






putting things back as they were...

making mom smile

He played with Play Doh every day this week and this is the only photo I have. It's me and RockerDad on a heart because we're in love. How sweet!!


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  1. Thank you so much Rockermom for linking up to the Lego Mania party. Nice to feel the love. I love his house for daddy that he built! Enjoy your weekend and Rock On!

  2. I cant wait for my youngest to quit putting things in his mouth so I can use legos..great week!

  3. Looks like another great week. I especially loved the Lego project and the adorable baker's outfit.

  4. Great week! I am intrigued by a Lego linky. Robbie built an adorable house.

  5. What fun, creative learning activities! LOVE the Lego and Doggie craft!

    Jessy - Weekly Wrap-up

  6. The "rocker mom and dad" in a heart is too sweet! I printed out your fractions of my heart puzzle!

  7. I love your ideas for counting and sorting- very cute and fun.
    Great post! I love your blog layout, it's very original.

  8. I love the Doggie Valentine!
    Janet W

  9. His litte chef outfit is adorable!

  10. I love all your types of learning listed. Looks like a fab week.

  11. Wow excellent week....He must have worked forever on that huge house!!

  12. Love the Lego bin! He did such a great job building!


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