Beginning Consonant Digraph Printables


Robbie knows these four consonant digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh), but a little reinforcement couldn't hurt. That's why I made these digraph writing/coloring/matching cards.

There are two digraphs per page (one begins with an uppercase letter) for writing practice and two pictures of things that begin with that particular sound (with the word written under each picture). I will probably cut apart the cards before giving them to Robbie. The pictures can be colored and used as a matching activity or game with the digraph cards.

I have also created a version with full color images in case you'd prefer to simply print, cut and laminate these for quicker access (or if your child doesn't like to color). The letters are still simple outlines for writing practice or finger tracing.

Simply click either the black & white or color image above to download your preferred version.


Edited to Add: We used the "ch" page this morning and Robbie loved it! He cut out the cards and traced one letter set, colored one picture and then circled the "ch" in the picture word. He then wanted to repeat the whole process with the other two "ch" cards.

I'm also adding this per Jackie's request: The font I used for this (and for most of our tracing/writing printables) is Century Gothic.


  1. Thanks...they are great. Could you please share the name of the font you used. I like the chubby block style.

  2. Jackie,

    Thank you! I'm glad you like them and I hope they prove useful. I have added the font information to the post above, it's Century Gothic.

    I hope that helps. :)

  3. I love these!! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. just stopping by to say hi


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