Valentine's Sensory Bin

Sensory Bins

I only made a small bin for Valentine's play. Robbie isn't crazy about hearts and pink stuff, so I didn't want to go overboard. Plus, I still haven't figured out if he really likes these or not.

All items came from the Dollar Tree.

The base material is made up of small white decorative stones. They have a slightly rough texture and seem to be his favorite item in the bin so far. I also included a few closed heart ball mazes (the kind where you tilt the item to move the ball through the maze). He's enjoying these as well. The white heart containers came from the wedding favors section. I thought the clear decorative stones looked like diamonds. I also put a few Valentine's erasers in for good measure.

He also has a set of clear plastic tongs (also from the wedding section) and an ice cube tray for sorting. I keep the tray on the shelf below his sensory table.

He seems to like it, but he really doesn't spend much time with these bins. I really like having them around for him, though.

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  1. Very fun! I love the heart maze idea! Sammy has been very into playing a game like this on my phone but I think this would be even better for hand eye coordination since the game is a little too advanced for him (its for adults). Nice job on the sensory bin!

  2. Love it - I always enjoy your blog! Tomorrow i am having a HS Link Up party tomorrow...maybe you want to join is my blog up will be available at midnight! Prizes!



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