Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 3 years old.

This actually contains several weeks worth of activities.

intentional learning

He is continuing to progress through both Phonics Pathways and Explode the Code Book 1. (MommyWise's blog at Mindweaving has convinced me to keep using ETC at least for now.) I also began using Pyramid Reading (now titled Reading Pathways: Simple Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency) with him. He has only finished the first page, but I love how it is set up. It will be great reading practice for him.

I made these for him to help with distinguishing between lowercase b and d. Thanks to Tory for the Mr. Beady Eyes idea! I'll post a link to the file later if anyone is interested in printing these for their own children.

**EDIT: I've added the files here.

I recently posted my thoughts on reading and our approach. Feel free to read and disagree with me here. ;)


He is still working through his Kumon Tracing and Coloring workbooks. These are probably his favorite "school" activities. He did a few pages in his Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K book, but I try to not focus on that one. I really don't worry about actual writing.

He adores making letters with his letter pieces. I never could have imagined how much he enjoys this.

He is still steadily working through his cutting workbook.


This photo is from one of our sick weeks. We really need to start adding a number daily... perhaps next week...

He played with his coin sorting tray. He's nearly memorized the names (which is not something we've actually worked on, he just asks).

We finally got back into our Activities for the AL Abacus games after a few weeks off. Here he is playing a matching game with two types of finger cards. It may seem as though we're moving slowly, but I believe in mastery and am in no hurry. He would probably be annoyed if these were the only things we did for math, but he is still working through his Singapore and Horizons Kindergarten books as well.

Science-y Stuff

Even though we weren't posting regularly, many wonderful hands-on science activities were taking place. Here are some of the highlights:

My dirty-faced guy with a solar-powered windmill/fan that he and RockerDad built. He loved the cause and effect of placing his hand over the solar panel and then removing it to turn it on and off. The solar kit they are using makes many different things, so I'll post a pic of each as they make them.

We did the old tried and true celery stalk in colored water experiment. I'll be posting more pics from this experiment soon.

He grew some crystals (I'll be posting about this soon, as well).

Robbie made gluey gunk with his Daddy. You can see more photos of the process here.

My brother gave Robbie this rocket for his birthday. It uses baking soda and vinegar to launch. He loves this and it has been launched many, many times.

practical learning

playful learning

natural learning

making mom smile


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  1. LOVE the b/d pictures! Are you sharing?

  2. LOL! What did I say to change your mind?? I can see how E.T.C. wouldn't work for some. Because Aidan's reading level is beyond the books we're working in ... she is starting to show a little hint of boredom with the repetitiveness... so I may not be able to use it all the way through... or at least I need to step up the pace.

  3. Jolanthe, I just published a post with the link.

    MommyWise, Looking over your blog (which I thoroughly enjoyed and am now following) gave me pause and I went back and looked ahead in the first book. It seems to be a bit better than I thought it would be. We had only started Lesson 2 when I decided to ditch it. It seems to get less word family-ish (lol) after Lesson 1. I've simply decided to give it another go.

  4. Great sorting tray. I'll be back for the printable of the bed if you post it too.

  5. What's your secret to successful kid sweeping? My boys love to sweep, but to them that means spreading the crumbs all around with the broom! I'd love a good tip!
    Looks like you guys are having great fun!

  6. momma Skyla, he doesn't sweep well. He simply sweeps "fun". I'd love a good tip as well. :)

  7. That coin sorting tray is a great idea! And im curious- did the celery change??

  8. Regarding the sweeping, having worked at a Montessori for several years several years back I can tell you the teachers put a masking tape square on the floor that the children are supposed to sweep the dirt into.
    Love the coin sorting idea! And my daughter was watching as I was reading your post and said we needed to do the math grid.

  9. What a fun week! Love your b&d printable :)

  10. I love the finger counting cards!

  11. You may want to try a white carnation in different water colors...it turns the flower different colors. Some quick fun. Also, if he loves coins then you can show him how vinegar and salt can make the pennies shiny (my dd loved this).


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