Images to Help with b and d Reversals


Here is the link I promised to the printable Mr. Beady Eyes and Bed images. These are a cute reference for children who may forget if it's a lowercase b or d.


  1. Those are super cute. I used something for my students that had pictures, but I also taught them that a b is a bears back and then his belly and a d is the doorknob and then the door. I don't remember what the "p" saying was but the q was the queen's face and then her hair.

  2. Hey! Sequential Spelling is appealing because Aidan likes reading games where I spell words and add different endings and beginnings and this program basically does that. I think it "fits" her. She can learn words at her own pace instead of slowly pacing along.

    I do really like the looks of All About Spelling but I'm afraid all the manipulative work involved with it will bore her. She's very much a "just tell me the rule/word... okay... got it" and is starting to be annoyed when I try to review what she knows.

    I'm not planning on really doing any formal spelling until next year...but S.S. will still make a great resource for the moment.

    Now, Ainsley, on the other hand.. is a more "hands-on" kid so I think A.A.S. will probably suit her quite well. I'm gonna try the H.W.T. with her and see how she likes having her own work and then decided where to go from there.

  3. Thank you! My daughter has trouble with b and d all of the time!

  4. this is wonderful! thanks so much.


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