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RockerTot is currently 34 months old.

Happy Easter!!!

Yes, I got his hair cut. His head was soaked with sweat while he was playing outside the other day. I felt so bad for him. I miss his hair... and I think he's looking too big, but I couldn't stand to see him suffer in our hot, humid climate.

aka ScholarTot

He made this baby chick bag that I found at the Dollar General Store. He has been carrying it around with random small toys in it ever since it dried.

You know, nothing says "Easter" quite like a hatching dinosaur (also from the Dollar General Store). RockerTot enjoyed checking the progress of the "hatching" every few minutes. It actually took a full day to hatch. He named him "Stegosaurus". :)

He enjoyed playing with his phonics eggs. I had to help him sound out some of the words at the beginning of the week, but by Saturday, he could sound out and blend any c-v-c word RockerDad or I could think of. It was so cool!

Of course, we colored Easter Eggs.

Easter Reading

My Favorite Bible Stories for Toddlers (My Favorite Bible Storybook (Dalmatian Press))

My Little Book about the Miracle of Easter

The Story of Jesus (Little Golden Book)

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aka ApprenticeTot

We did pouring and etiquette practice with his new tea set.

Yep, it's that time of year again. Bubble mower maintenance is key to having a beautiful lawn.

He took his Aunt's dog, Winston, for a walk when they came over.

aka NatureTot

Okay, so I'm guilty again this week... these aren't exactly nature, but they did occur outside:

We had a picnic on our front steps (RockerTot's first).

Here are shots from Easter Egg hunts...

... he found a prize egg (as did one of his Tee Ball teammates)!

Just Plain RockerTot

Working those hand, wrist and forearm muscles... I mean... playing with Play-Doh...

Having a blast with RockerBoy...

RockerMoms Fave Photos

He took Winston on a tour of our yard.

He played in his first Tee Ball tournament. (My eldest brother said that RockerTot was just "checking out the playing surface".)

Coach RockerDad was proud of all the Cubs!


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  1. What a fun week! I love the Easter egg phonics tool. I have a bunch of eggs that are missing the bottoms I might need to make something like this :-)

  2. What a great week! I love the picture of the dog in the truck...too cute :)

  3. He sure does look grown-up! Very handsome.

    Love the dinosaur egg. How cool!

  4. What a fun week! I love the phonic eggs!

  5. I love the Dino EGG! going to search for something similar over here. Looks like a great week in all!

  6. What fun! I am filing away the phonics eggs for next year. Thanks.


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