Homemade Phonics Eggs

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**I do NOT recommend allowing your tot to use any of these items unsupervised.**

These plastic eggs were $0.65/dozen, so I got a few packs and decided that I would find a fun and educational use for them.

The first activity I made was simple c-v-c words on the tops of the eggs with a corresponding spot on a control board. The game we played was that I hid the eggs around the living room (where most of our school takes place). When he found one, he had to sound it out, run to the control board and find the match. This was a really fun game.

I used the bottoms of these eggs for a name recognition activity with RockerTot. I wrote the letters of his name, one per egg bottom, plus a few extra letters to up the difficulty level. He had to spell his name with no control (something we haven't really worked on before... but he's getting it). Sorry, I have no photos of this.

These are a few of the homemade phonics/word spinners I made for him out of plastic eggs. He can spin the bottom (or the top) and sound out new words (some real, some not.. but great practice either way).

There are many other pre-reading activities that can be created with these inexpensive eggs. I've seen many who use them for upper and lower case alphabet matching. I think that would have to be an extremely fun way for a little one to practice that skill. If you've used plastic eggs for creative learning, please tell about it in a comment and share a link if you have one.


  1. WHAT a fantastic idea! I will have to do this next week even though Easter will have come and gone! Great thinkin'!

  2. I love the reading game(the first one). I know Easter is over now, but that would be fun for Bear to practice her fluency.


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