Curriculum Modifications



Well, we're dropping Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy lessons. He wasn't having problems with it, I was. I didn't like the order things were introduced. I know it works for lots of people, but it was simply counter-intuitive for me.

He's still sounding out more and more words each day. I've been making him cvc word cards with the 100 EZ directional markers and he's zipping through the list of words from Blend Phonics.


Tracing TrailsWe're adding Big Skills for Little Hands: I Can Cut! to help refine his motor skills, gain dexterity and hand strength and, of course, to gain some fun scissor skills (he loves to cut).

(I found this at WalMart for $3.50!)


Tracing TrailsWe're adding Kumon: My Book of Numbers 1-30 to reinforce number recognition and give him additional fine motor skills work.

This was yet another WalMart find... $4.00!

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