RockerTot in the Kitchen: Decorating Cookies

I know this was more fluff than cooking, but Halloween cookies and decorating items were 75% off just after Halloween. RockerTot and RockerBoy had lots of fun. (I also learned which of my cookie sheets were good for baking cookies and which ones burned the bottoms.)

The icing proved too difficult for even the adults to squeeze, so I gave the boys each a dish of icing to spread. Sprinkles were placed on the cookie plate for RockerTot. RockerBoy got to shake his own sprinkles from the container.

RockerTot had fun with the textures.

RockerBoy tried and tried to squeeze the icing out... it didn't work.

... lots of tasting ...

It was really nice to spend some fun time with RockerBoy. We hope that he can be involved more in the future.

No one actually liked the pre-made icing. It was far too sweet. We all scraped it off of our cookies.

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