Pre-Writing Cards

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**I do NOT recommend allowing your tot to use any of these items unsupervised.**

I was inspired to make these cards by RockerTot's Kumon My First Book of Tracing. He loves this book and asks for it almost daily... sometimes several times per day.

I wanted him to be able to stay with the simpler exercises at the beginning of the book (which he's finished) for a bit longer before moving on. I decided to make some cards that he could use over and over again. (Since he is a lefty, I plan to let him use wipe-off crayons instead of easy-smearing markers. Edited to add: I've found that the really cheap, off-brand crayons wipe off easily from whiteboards, lamination and such. Washable crayons work well, too.) I made these with card stock, sticker dots, a black marker and a few crayons. The card stock was cut into fourths.

We plan to begin his handwriting with cursive instead of manuscript when the time comes. The basic cursive strokes inspired these. His instructions are to always start at the green dot and end at the red dot. He must touch any yellow dot in between. He must not touch the purple/pink/blue/grey/etc that surrounds the black outline. That seems to keep him between the lines.

He is only tracing these with his fingers for the moment. I'll allow him to try with a crayon if he wishes when I get a new roll of clear contact paper to laminate them.

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  1. What brand of wipe-off crayons do you use?

  2. We've found that the really cheap, off-brand crayons wipe off easiest. The washable crayons work pretty well, too. I've edited the post to add this in. :)

  3. I love these and will be working on some for Bear very soon. What a great idea!

  4. I love this idea. I'm using page protectors right now.


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