Great-Grandma's 90th Birthday Party!!

RockerTot played with his cousins...

... Grandma, RockerDad and RockerTot waiting for Great-Grandma's grand entrance...

RockerTot and LJ played the drums...

... and danced...

... and were joined by J. for a jam session...

... the great-grandchildren (not pictured: RockerBoy, his mommy wouldn't allow him to attend)

RockerTot had fun balancing on the brick wall.

He also got to dig in a big sand pile for coins.

Here is a pic of him digging with several of his cousins.

... yes, he even ate some sand...

I think he buried his arm.

Great-Grandma and Adam with all the great-grandchildren (except for RockerBoy, of course).

Great-Grandma, Adam, the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (missing only RockerBoy). I was in the huge picture with all the inlaws, so I couldn't take a photo.


  1. It's great to see RockerTot again! I'm sure you all have had a wonderful time traveling!

  2. Oh, I've missed your updates so much!!

    Looks like a GREAT party!

  3. You guys are so sweet to have noticed our absence! We're starting back in full-swing on Monday. I decided to take a month off but he and I are both itching to get back into "school". :)


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