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RockerTot is currently 26 months old.

Well, this is a short post. We're taking a break from "formal" Tot School for a few weeks. We just returned from a trip to Wild, Wonderful West Virginia for a family reunion. We will be going to the Chicago area Labor Day weekend for a reunion/birthday party as well. Until Labor Day, we are just taking it easy. I don't even have trays out right now. RockerTot's been asking for some, and I oblige, but we're just hanging out and playing together (he's still learning TONS). Anyway, here are some highlights from the past two weeks:
aka ScholarTot

RockerTot loves to play with his bucket balance. He uses several different items with it. Here is a photo of him "balancing beans".

He also balanced a few of his Hot Wheels cars.

He loves for me to draw shapes, letters, etc for him to connect with lines.

He used his new coin sorting tray a few times.

aka ApprenticeTot

Just Plain RockerTot

...climbing our side gate...

...running hard playing Wii Fit...

...climbing the fence around the kids playground at our family reunion...

...trying to drive his great-aunt's power chair...

RockerMoms Fave Photos

RockerTot and Mal Mal playing in a box...


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  1. I am very interested in that bucket balance - looks cool! I love your favorite photo too, what cuties!

  2. I love the money sorting activity! My Sunshine would love this one!! :) Have fun on your vacas!!!

  3. Ohhhh, that balance is great!! I would love to add that into our Tot School and it will totally grow with them, too.

    You have to let me know what RockerTot's favorite Wii games are. My husband and I have been trying different ones out with Maddie (jogging was one... I can't remember what else we tried) but nothing has really caught her attention yet.

  4. I love the bucket balance!! Emily likes helping me with the laundry too.

  5. Wow - I love that bucket balance, I need to find one for us! And I love the climbing pictures. My son is a climber too! :)

  6. That bucket balance is awesome--it's definitely going on my wish list!

    We love our Wii too!

  7. I too love the bucket balance. What a great educational "toy".

    I also can not wait for my husband to get home so I can show him the picture of your son and the Wii. I tried to convince him that if we bought it for me to workout and do the yoga that the kids could play too but he did not agree.


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