Overheard as I was getting out of the shower...

RockerDad: Is that your truck?
RockerTot: It's my truck.
RockerDad: What color is your truck?
RockerTot: Color is my truck.
RockerDad: Is it a yellow truck?
RockerTot: It's a yellow truck.
RockerDad: Can you give Daddy the yellow car?
RockerTot: Give Daddy the yellow car. (apparently he gave it to him)
RockerDad: Very good! Do you wanna read a book about colors?
RockerTot: Read book about colors!

This went on as my hubby talked about all the different colors in the books (they read several) and RockerTot loved the special time with his Daddy. (As you can probably tell, sometimes RockerTot likes to repeat the question with a nod or shake of his head instead of a spoken answer.)

It's nice to have him home for vacation! He plays with RockerTot everyday, but he was able to focus his time and energy in a way that I've not witnessed before. It made me smile so big!!


  1. That is great that he can string so many words together! My little still only says about two words together at a time.

  2. I love your attribute patterns! I defiantly need to get me some of those! Thanks!


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