Weekly Wrap-Up.... Super Mario Bros. Style!!!

Nursery School Wrap Up


We've had so much fun playing and learning through all the Super Mario Bros. activities this week. It's the first time we've ever REALLY been able to stick with a theme. I've already shared a few of our printables this week and I'll be sharing the rest very soon.

We started the week off by making paper Mario and Luigi hats. He wore one or the other of these all throughout the week.

Here are a few of the printables we used...

Here is the front of our Super Mario Bros. lapbook. It's supposed to look like Luigi's clothes.  (Luigi is Robbie's favorite characters.)

Here is the inside of the lapbook. We still have more to add to the outside. We'll finish that up at the beginning of next week. RockerDad did the decorating of the inside of the lapbook. I think it was the first time I've seen him make things with construction paper. He had fun and Robbie was very excited with the finished product.

intentional learning


Even though it is very simple, Robbie loved reading the Luigi and Mario book over and over this week. I made it because he's been asking for Mario books to read, but we haven't located any locally... not even at the library.

He really had a blast making words using his Word Pipes.


He did his mazes (a few are pictured in the math section) and word cards.


He did all of his Mario Math Printables. Some of his mazes were math/number related. He enjoyed those (as well as the alphabet ones). He also identified the quantities on his counting cards without counting. Many of our games we played this week could have been placed in this section as well.


We did a simple color mixing activity just to keep his memory fresh.

playful learning

Slime was a fun treat this week!

We played his Super Mario Bros. board game every day this week.

Of course, a bit of Super Mario Bros. Wii was inevitable. He usually plays it on the Nintendo DS, but he is occasionally allowed to play it on the Wii. (He does NOT play often or for very long.)

He put on a puppet show for us using his Mario puppets.

natural learning

We had a blizzard interrupt our week:

making mom smile

He is a big fan of his Super Mario Bros. dominoes. (He's played with the normal kind before, but I thought these would be more fun for a change.)


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  1. I only know Super Mario from my younger years but I am sure it has changed quite a bit but still fun that the children love it!

    I love the lapbook cover. You have really superb ideas! I am sure they really enjoy learning with this theme!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Kerri

  2. I LOVE this!! My son would flip over your sons week! He is OBSESSED with Mario and that is all he eats, breaths, and talks about.

  3. Wow! How fun! I would never have thought to do Super Mario brothers as a learning lapbook! Looks like your kids LOVED it! Awesome idea! And the lapbook looks GREAT!

    Jessy - Weekly Wrap-up

  4. It's nice that you follow Robbie's interest and include his favorite characters into learning activities. The lapbook looks like fun!

  5. love your blog!have the same passion of children learning through play stopping by from HHH!:-)

  6. RockerMom... you put me to shame! Hanging my head here!

  7. My 5 year old will go gaga for this! I tried to download the whole package and it 404'd though. Can you send me the link for the download...and does this include the book and the dominoes and all of that? I want!:) Thanks for putting this together!


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